& Priorities

Steady Leadership in Turbulent Times

Through steady leadership, Dan informed us, prepared the city, and secured as many resources as possible to help Miami Beach navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Response

From the start of this pandemic, Dan took swift action to keep our city safe, lead with science, and support our local economy.


  • Fought for testing sites by securing county and state funding for Miami-Dade’s most efficient testing site at the Miami Beach Convention Center
  • Led with science by making Miami Beach the first city in the country to follow CDC mask recommendations, communicating with medical experts, and securing funding for contact tracers
  • Built a robust vaccination effort by planning in advance for the vaccine rollout and implementing a coordinated plan to vaccinate seniors
  • Delivered economic relief with emergency grants for small businesses, funds for restaurants to offset delivery app costs, and rent relief for residents who lost jobs due to the pandemic.

Climate Change

Dan knows that tackling climate change is critical to building a strong future in Miami Beach. As Mayor, he’s taken bold action to address the effects of climate change.

  • Promoted resiliency by partnering with experts from the Urban Land Institute, Harvard, and Columbia to evaluate our resiliency strategy and ensure science-based policies
  • Protected our environment with the plastic-free Miami Beach initiative, ordinances to stop the use of single-use plastics, and the strongest fertilizer ordinance in the state to protect our ocean and the Biscayne Bay
  • Improved green infrastructure by adopting a Green Infrastructure Concept Plan for City Projects, expanding shoreline green space, and implementing flood mitigation plans

Livability & Accessibility

As Mayor, Dan has made Miami Beach a city for residents, not just tourists. From promoting the arts to expanding parks, Dan has taken dozens of steps to improve our quality of life, including:

  • Grants and initiatives for arts and cultural institutions, including facilitating pop-ups for visual and performance artists through the No Vacancy initiative
  • A parks and greenspace renaissance that includes expanding our beachwalk to the majority of the city’s coast and improvements to every existing park
  • Promoting public safety by becoming the first city in Florida to provide police to schools after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy and increasing police presence to combat the culture of lawlessness on Ocean Drive
  • Building communities and town centers with the Collins Park cultural space, GO Bond funding for North Beach revitalization, progress on making 41st street a resident-friendly promenade, and $55 million for Lincoln Road beautification
  • Making our city more bikeable with the slow streets initiative and protected bike lanes

Creating a More Livable City Tomorrow

“Everybody has a right to their own paradise, our job is to make sure it’s accessible”


We can’t let up in the fight against climate change. In his next term, Dan will work to ensure our city remains livable for decades to come by:

  • Continue improvements to our resiliency program by moving forward with the revised plan given the findings of the Urban Institute, Columbia, and Harvard studies using the best information available.
  • Continue updating needed resiliency ordinances with new city codes including the new Comprehensive Plan 2040, Strategic Plan through the Lens of Resilience, and Resilience code.

Creating a More Livable City

Dan wants Miami Beach to be a world-class city for our residents for years to come. He’ll secure that vision by:

  • Improving our parks by expanding greenspace and upgrading our existing parks system
  • Transforming the South Beach Entertainment District into the Art Deco cultural district by making Ocean Drive more pedestrian-friendly, enhancing code enforcement and police presence, promoting cultural experiences, and punishing bad actors
  • Creating a live-work-play environment for residents with community centers and cultural hubs throughout our city
  • Promote walkability by finishing the final two sections of the beach walk to connect North and South Beach, completing a bay walk from Lincoln Rd. to South Pointe Park, and creating new pedestrian bridges

Sustainable Economic Recovery

In the wake of COVID-19, Dan knows we need to grow our economy while maintaining our quality of life and improving livability. He’ll do that by:

  • Transforming our city into a cultural center to attract more visitors than ever by growing cultural tourism
  • Support the hospitality industry by attracting new hotels, restaurants, and business headquarters
  • Build an economy that helps our city reach its full potential