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The say anything session

Oct 31, 2008

By Dan

With Tuesday barreling toward us, the contrast between the campaigns couldn't be starker. Senator Obama put on a 30 minute commercial laying out his vision to address the challenges of our nation without once attacking McCain. Meanwhile, the McCain camp doesn't even bother with the pretense of presenting a vision for reform - rather they are only about saying anything to scare and frighten Americans.

Jeepers, McCain Channels Dennis the Menace

Oct 1, 2008

By Dan

WARNING: To readers under the age of 40 please consult with Wikipedia to understand any apparently obscure Dennis the Menace references.

Listening to John McCain tell Americans that we should not engage in "finger pointing" is sort of like listening to Dennis the Menace tell Mr. Wilson that "it's really not useful to dwell on who broke the window with the baseball. Jeepers, couldn't we just fix the window without talking about how it got broke?"
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Thank Heavens for South Carolina!

Sep 13, 2008

By Dan

When it comes to man—made statistics Florida didn't do as well.
Our Estimated Public High School Graduation Rate in 2007 was ... 50th. Again. This statistic hurts the most but Florida's 53% trailed everybody (South Carolina was second to last with a 56.3%). If it's any consolation the District of Columbia was actually worse than Florida but, then again, they aren't a state.
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Republicans take off their "American" Hats

Sep 3, 2008

By Dan

Well, I guess the Republicans just couldn't wait to take off their "American" hats and put back on their "Republican" hats. Tonight's faire: red meat with a zesty sauce of unrestrained relativism. I mean isn't it rich, listening to Washington lobbyist, Hollywood actor and former Senator Fred Thompson criticize Washington "big—shots" and "smooth talkers". And hearing the Republicans cheer for the "hope of change" (Sen. Norm Coleman) is pretty ironic. Someone needs to let the Republicans in the Hall know that they are the group Americans want change from. Seriously, is it a different Republican Party that has had near total control of government for the last 8 years?
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A Terrrible Choice

Aug 30, 2008

By Dan

I don't get it. The singular qualification for Vice—President is preparedness to be President. So are you telling me that the most qualified Republican in America to nominate for that post was the former part—time mayor of an Alaskan town (pop: 6715) who has been Governor of a state (pop: less than the City of Jacksonville) for 18 months. Are we to believe that Senator McCain honestly believes that Governor Palin is ready - on day one - to be President should something incapacitate him?
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I got a "D"

Aug 27, 2008

By Dan

Former Governor Bush's education foundation handed out grades today. As reported by AP, Republicans got mostly "A's" and Democrats mostly "D's" and "F's". Utterly silly. The grading system fully marginalizes whatever credible work his foundation is doing as it betrays the group as nothing more than a voucher group.
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Be My Friend

Aug 22, 2008


The notion of public officials using Facebook and similar internet platforms to reveal a more authentic side might seem a little silly. It probably is. I'm not sure that confessing I like the movie "Happy Gilmore" or that my 4 year old son can beat me in Wii tennis (easily) will give anyone a window into my soul. But in just the day since I joined it has, admittedly, been interesting to have access to the ruminations of people I know (or at least sort of know)
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Opening Day of the Legislature

Mar 4, 2008

By Dan Gelber

Lock the cupboards, hide the kids in the cellar...the Florida Legislature is in session.
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