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National CAT Fund: Lower Rates Baby Lower Rates

Sep 9, 2008

By Dan

Does anyone find it painfully ironic that McCain/Palin have their Florida Republican chorus blindly chanting their mantra to drill off of our coast knowing it won't reduce gas prices a penny; yet the same McCain/Palin ticket flatly refuses to embrace the concept of a national CAT fund which would unquestionably lower Floridian's property insurance rates dramatically. Seriously, at some point Floridians are going to wonder why McCain is hawking a non—solution to the energy crisis, while opposing an actual solution to Florida's property insurance crisis.

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Don't expect Florida's health care crisis to be solved any time soon

Jul 7, 2008

By Dan

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington based think tank that looks at fiscal policy and programs published a report today poor mouthing Florida's newest health care plan - "Cover Florida". I supported this Governor Crist priority because I think some insurance is probably better than no insurance in a state with nearly 4 million people lacking coverage. I do not believe, however, that the answer to Florida's insurance crisis will ever be to simply provide less insurance to its residents. At best the Governor's plan, though responsible, is only a stop—gap measure that will help some but not meaningfully solve this crisis. To see the entire report (excerpt below) you can visit the Center at
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Happy New (Fiscal) Year

Jul 1, 2008

By Dan

Unfortunately, the indexes we rely on to predict our future revenue suggests there is still more rock to dig through before we hit rock bottom. Gas prices are not coming down (and the wrongheaded offer of our coast for oil drilling won't change that one iota); the housing crisis is not going away; our workforce wages are not improving (especially considering the unwise budget cuts to education); and our hurricane insurance policy only works if we never have a hurricane.

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"I do not support a national catastrophic insurance policy."

Jun 5, 2008

By Dan

Those words, uttered by Senator John McCain earlier this year, should be of great concern to any Floridian facing steep and seemingly uncontrolled windstorm insurance bills. Whether you are paying the bills, or are worried that you will owe assessments when a hurricane does hit, you know that this is one of the great economic challenges facing Florida's families.
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If it wasn't so serious it could be funny.

Jun 5, 2008

By Dan

On a less serious note, check out this video by the Florida Democratic Party on McCain's hurricane insurance position.

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Remember the crisis in children's health care? It didn't go away.

May 28, 2008

By Dan

Yesterday a respected and nonpartisan foundation issued a report ranking Florida's child health care delivery 50th in the nation (only Oklahoma was worse, Louisiana and Mississippi were slightly better). The independent Commonwealth Fund (see ) analyzed a litany of categories including health care access, costs, infant mortality, and health equity. In nearly every category Florida's children were near the bottom of the 50 states (and the District of Columbia). The statistics were startling: nearly one in five of our children do not have health insurance; more than one in five do not get key vaccines; only two in five have a regular doctor; and nearly eight out of every one thousand Florida infants die.
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Medicaid Reform in Florida

Apr 10, 2008

By Dan

The Medicaid budget cuts being contemplated by both Chambers will likely hurt our County much more than others given our high concentration of poverty and large Medicaid population.
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Another Day of Ignoring Property Taxes and Property Insurance

Apr 2, 2008

By Dan Gelber

...the decision of my Republican colleagues to once again turn the floor of the Florida House into their own personal ideological soapbox is a disservice to the people that we serve...
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State of the State Response

Mar 6, 2008


Tuesday night I delivered the Response to the Governor's State of the State. The Governor is an optimistic person who tends to shy away from partisanship — but Florida's challenges are great — and I'm not sure I trust the Republican Legislature as much as he does.

Here is my response to the Governor:

Good Evening, I'm
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