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Update: It's time to come clean

Feb 11, 2010

By Dan

It has been reported in the news and, indeed, alleged by some Republicans, that in the wake of the gift ban, the Republican Party of Florida issued widespread credit cards to elected officials to allow them to charge travel, food and expenses to the party. This is troubling on many levels and I believe that the allegation is worthy of investigation and, at the very least, full disclosure to the public. If the distribution of credit cards was intended to avoid the gift ban, then the public has a right to know.

Birth of an uber-bureau

Nov 20, 2008

By Dan

Today when I opened up my Miami Herald the front page included an important story about Governor Crist's plan to increase college tuition to aid our ailing universities. The story itself was significant, as was the fact that the byline came from two St Petersburg Times reporters. Today, I guess, marks the beginning of the consolidation of the Tallahassee bureaus of these two newspapers. Undoubtedly, the move was an attempt to avoid further reporter layoffs that have already decimated the ranks of journalists in Tallahassee, in Florida and nationally.
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Special Message from Dan Gelber's "Little Brother"- Travis Thomas

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Sen. Gelber debates against two amendments to HB 1143 that took aim at a woman's right to privacy

Final Video Message from Tallahassee: 2010 Legislative Session was guided by ideological frolics and a politically driven agenda

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