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Heads Scott wins, Tails Obama loses

Jun 18, 2012

By Dan

Of course last time I checked Florida was part of the United States, so the notion that you can simultaneous blame the President and credit the Governor for the same job situation is ridiculous.
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Travis meets Michelle Obama

Oct 15, 2009

By Dan

As she descended I could see Travis getting very nervous, but when she walked right over to us Travis rallied. "It's a real honor to meet you Madam First Lady." He told her about his new wife and baby which got her genuinely excited, and I let her know he was getting terrific grades at Miami Dade College.

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My "little" brother and the President-Elect

Jan 19, 2009

By Dan

I don't know whether Obama's success is the reason for my little brother's positive attitude - but I sense it has a lot to do with it. For a mid—twenties young black man whose demographic is mostly ignored and too often maligned, the mere "idea" of a Barack Obama seems to have improved his self—image and self—worth. He has newfound pride and hope and, apparently, that counts for something.

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No time for champagne or hubris.

Nov 4, 2008

By Dan

People don't want one side's excesses replaced with the other's. They don't want revolution, they want reform. This isn't a mandate for one party's politics as much as it is a mandate for less party politics. People don't want hubris, they want change.
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I can't take it anymore.

Nov 3, 2008

By Dan

Thank goodness the election is tomorrow. I don't think I could handle another week of wondering, and worrying, and arguing and hoping. I simply don't have enough hair to pull anymore out.
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The say anything session

Oct 31, 2008

By Dan

With Tuesday barreling toward us, the contrast between the campaigns couldn't be starker. Senator Obama put on a 30 minute commercial laying out his vision to address the challenges of our nation without once attacking McCain. Meanwhile, the McCain camp doesn't even bother with the pretense of presenting a vision for reform - rather they are only about saying anything to scare and frighten Americans.
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Guest Blogger Ausley on special needs families

Oct 24, 2008

By Loranne

I wrote this guest blog for Rep. Dan Gelber's website in September shortly after Governor Palin assured the American people that she would be an advocate for the disability community in the White House. At that time, I looked on the McCain Palin website and found no policy statements relating to disabilities, and I wrote that I hoped that would change. Today, twelve days before the election, Governor Palin delivered a speech in Pennsylvania falsely criticizing Senator Obama's tax policies and laying out a plan for specials needs families - TWELVE DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION.
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On the bus with Thurston and Lovey.

Oct 21, 2008

By Dan

On Thursday the Republican Party of Florida is sponsoring "John McCain's Keep Your Wealth Bus Tour" across our great state. Really, it's not a joke, though it could be a late night infomercial. Perhaps the bus will be driven by Gilligan Island's Thurston Howell III (his wife, Lovey, riding shotgun), and the tour guide will be the CEO of Lehman Brothers who will explain how the policies McCain supported helped you keep your wealth (so long as by "keeping your wealth" you mean you have not lost literally every red cent you had). How will Saturday Night Live even be able to make fun of this unprecedented level of unwitting self—parody?
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John Lewis, McCain 2.0, and my endorsement

Oct 19, 2008

By Dan

I spoke to the Sarasota Democratic Club tonight. Although I was the featured speaker, civil rights pioneer and actual icon Congressman John Lewis followed my remarks with some of his own. It was the second time in my political life where my remarks preceded his. Knowing what would happen, I asked the audience to please write my name down on a napkin so that they might have some vague memory that I was also in attendance: John Lewis is that powerful a speaker.
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Pray and offer assistance

Sep 1, 2008

By Dan

The Republicans are right to scale back their convention festivities in light of Gustav; Governor Crist is right to consider staying home as Hannah potentially impacts our state later this week; and Senator Obama and the Democrats are right to alter the tone of their campaign events as so much of our nation's attention focuses on the challenges brought by these unwelcomed winds. For Floridians, now is the time to pray for our neighbors and offer a helping hand.
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Not just balloon drops and big hats

Aug 24, 2008

By Dan

Today, the Tampa Tribune published an op—ed commentary I wrote in anticipation of the Denver Democratic Convention that begins in earnest tomorrow. It follows as it appeared:

....There was a time when political conventions were judged by their balloon drops and big hats. This Democratic convention will definitely not be one of those years...

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Senator Obama talks about loose nukes — hopefully people will listen

Jul 15, 2008

By Dan

In the mid 1990's, as then Senator Sam Nunn's chief counsel and staff director of the U.S. Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, I directed a series of hearings and congressional reports on this same threat for Senator Nunn. I traveled around the world with our staff - especially throughout the former Soviet Union — exploring the many facets to the threat and ways to manage the risk. Back then, Senator Nunn partnered with Senator Dick Lugar, an Indiana Republican, to advance a program known as the Nunn—Lugar initiative. Senator Nunn had opined that the breakup of the Soviet Union, while eliminating the gravest threat facing our nation, created a entire series of new threats that were, in some respects, equally challenging.
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Steve Schale gets the call

Jun 16, 2008

By Dan

Today, the Obama for America Campaign announced that House Victory Political Director Steve Schale will assume the post of State Director for Florida. It is real tribute to the Obama campaign that rather than bring in an outsider who knows little about our state, they chose someone who truly understands the political mosaic of Florida, is familiar with Florida's challenges, and most importantly loves our state.
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He had me at "Tonight."

Jun 3, 2008

By Dan

There will always be a debate among historians as to whether great leaders make great moments, or great moments make great leaders. I do not profess to know the answer, but am fairly certain that we are in the midst of one of those moments. I have listened to many public officials who thrive on fear and division, and others who succeed by studiously avoiding conflict or controversy. Senator Obama does neither, but simply inspires by appealing to our better angels and daring us to hope.

What follows are his remarks this evening. He had me at "Tonight."
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Florida's Day in DNC Court

May 30, 2008

By Dan

Tomorrow Florida Democrats will have their day in Court. Well sort of. It is my hope that after the finger pointing subsides, Democrats will recognize that who gets seated in Denver in August is not nearly as important as who receives the oath in Washington in January.

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Observations from the O-Train

May 23, 2008

By Dan

I met up with the O—Train in Tampa on Wednesday where with little advance planning Senator Obama filled up the Forum in Tampa - easily 15,000 strong. The crowd seemed to be a cross section of everyday people. Young and old, every nationality and occupation. If anyone is wondering whether Obama has broad based appeal, just look to see who is showing up at his rallies. Having worked on previous statewide campaigns (including Presidential and Gubernatorial) when it is sometimes a struggle to get hundreds of people to show up - it is obvious that his message of change is both wide and deep.

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A Nigerian businessman wants to make you $$, Obama's Israel "problem," and other Viruses

May 19, 2008

By Dan

My first impulse was to simply dismiss without dignifying with response the viral emails circulating about Senator Obama. I couldn't believe that people might actually embrace whatever trash comes in their inbox as if it were the truth. Then again, I guess there is a reason that Nigerian businessman keeps sending me email requests to send him my personal bank account information so that he can send me millions of dollars.
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Vote for Change

May 10, 2008

By Dan

In Florida, only about 10 of the 18 million people who make up our great state are registered to vote. In Miami-Dade County, roughly half of the 2.5 million people are not registered. And on Election Day even those registered more often than not don't even bother to show up. Too many of our neighbors have simply lost confidence in their elected officials. Today the Obama campaign took an important step to address this disconnect by reminding our neighbors that their voice matters.
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Florida is in Play on Game Day

May 9, 2008

By Dan

As the primary journey comes closer to its finish (and I do think the end is near), it's time to start thinking about game day — November 4 — and the positive trends that, I believe, are working in favor of Florida swinging Democratic this year.

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I Choose Obama.

May 7, 2008

By Dan

Since the beginning of this primary slog I have been conflicted. I like both Obama and Clinton and believe either would be markedly better than the alternative. But only one can be the Democratic nominee and we have to end this sooner than later. As a superdelegate from the rogue state of Florida (currently under penalty from the DNC) my vote doesn't count. But if it did, I would say it's time to move on and choose Senator Barack Obama. Here is why.
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One Way Out for Florida Democrats

Feb 15, 2008

By Dan Gelber

As the primary slog continues, however, Florida Democrats find themselves wondering whether that all too familiar combination of self—destructiveness and bad luck will once again snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Since the DNC will only count our delegates if we select them through a DNC approved process, perhaps we should consider a primary election by mail that includes Independent voters.

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