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The divide between church and state takes a hit

Mar 26, 2008

By Dan Gelber

Today, Florida's Taxation and Budget Reform Commission on a divided vote agreed to put on the November 2008 ballot a measure that would significantly diminish the separation between church and state that Floridians have enjoyed for over a century, and pave the way for expansion of school voucher programs.
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New Science Standards: A Missed Chance to Evolve

Feb 19, 2008

By Dan Gelber

I don't want a science teacher explaining and refereeing the tension between science and religion. As a parent of public school children, I prefer to have my children learn about faith and religion in our home and synagogue, not in our public schools — and definitely not from the government.

Video of my commentscan be found at:
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Final Video Message from Tallahassee: 2010 Legislative Session was guided by ideological frolics and a politically driven agenda

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