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It is very cold— Help your fellow Floridians

Jan 9, 2010

By Dan

Below you will find an email that I sent to our list this morning encouraging folks to pitch in and help local homeless shelters. There have been press reports around the state, particularly in the north and central parts of Florida, of shelters receiving very high numbers of people looking for help. Thanks for helping out

Service Day 23: Game Night at a Nursing Center

Oct 15, 2009

By Dan

The Center provides comprehensive rehabiliation services to folks who could use some real help and a smile. I played checkers (losing to Dezi who totally toyed with me) while my 5-year old Max helped some sweet elderly residents put together a Disney crossword puzzle. No video available but here are some pics of the evening festivities

Travis is getting married.

Jul 17, 2009

By Dan

So now, 20 years later Travis is getting married. He has a family, and is at Miami-Dade College so he can better make his way in a tough economy, and I couldn't be more proud. Wilsa - like any good spouse - has brought out a part of him that I knew existed but needed to be inspired. He is embracing responsibility, serious about his future, and wants to be a Big Brother himself. Boy, do I feel old and happy.

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Changing our nation one child at a time

Jun 16, 2009

By Dan

This morning I addressed the National Big Brothers & Sisters organization who are holding their annual meeting in Miami. My little brother of 20 years, Travis, spoke first. He was eloquent though he did make fun of my hair loss over the term of our relationship. What follows are my remarks:
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Service Day Eleven: Writing letters to veterans with elementary schoolchildren

May 17, 2009

By Dan

Service Day Eleven brought me to Macfarlane Park Elementary School in Tampa. What a great school. It's a magnet IB school (International Baccalaureate). The kids are incredibly engaged in learning and Principal Rivero and her team really get kudos for their efforts. Over the last three months the kids have participated in their own 100 days of service.
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Service Day Six: Delivering Meals to Seniors

Apr 5, 2009

By Dan

It is the ultimate family volunteer event as everyone can participate. The recipients are happy to see you - especially happy to see children - and it allows your family to make a very personal contribution by lightening up the life of someone who could use a kind word and a smile.
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Service Day 5: Feeding Folks at Sarasota's Salvation Army

Mar 30, 2009

By Dan

I spent Sunday afternoon at the Salvation Army in Sarasota (1400 10th Street, Sarasota) which may be the best way to see up close how this recession is really impacting our neighbors. This facility provides 21,000 meals each month. Over a year ago it may have been half as many but bad times is increasing the demand. Some of the recipients are homeless, but most are just everyday Floridians who need a little help to make ends meet.
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Service Day Two - Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

Mar 1, 2009

By Dan

I spent a good deal of yesterday morning with other volunteers who go to the agency and spend a few hours sifting through food and related items, making sure they are not past their expiration dates, not tampered with and otherwise fit for consumption and use.
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My "little" brother and the President-Elect

Jan 19, 2009

By Dan

I don't know whether Obama's success is the reason for my little brother's positive attitude - but I sense it has a lot to do with it. For a mid—twenties young black man whose demographic is mostly ignored and too often maligned, the mere "idea" of a Barack Obama seems to have improved his self—image and self—worth. He has newfound pride and hope and, apparently, that counts for something.

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Cancer Camp - The view from the bottom bunk

Jul 28, 2008

By Dan

Spent the weekend in the bottom bunk.

23 years ago a few exceptional women led by Lee Klein of Miami asked me to help organize a summer camp they wanted to create for the patients of the Children's Cancer Caring Center. I took them up on it and for nearly every summer since, I've found myself in the cabins of Birch State Park in Ft Lauderdale with 70 children and staff, enjoying the extraordinary natural gifts of our state - and the great camaraderie of Camp Fiesta.
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Special Message from Dan Gelber's "Little Brother"- Travis Thomas

Web Video: Bio Piece on Dan Gelber

Sen. Gelber debates against two amendments to HB 1143 that took aim at a woman's right to privacy

Final Video Message from Tallahassee: 2010 Legislative Session was guided by ideological frolics and a politically driven agenda

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