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Travis is getting married.

Jul 17, 2009

By Dan

So now, 20 years later Travis is getting married. He has a family, and is at Miami-Dade College so he can better make his way in a tough economy, and I couldn't be more proud. Wilsa - like any good spouse - has brought out a part of him that I knew existed but needed to be inspired. He is embracing responsibility, serious about his future, and wants to be a Big Brother himself. Boy, do I feel old and happy.

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Follow Legislative Session Through My New Twitter Page

Feb 23, 2009

By Dan

I have decided to embrace the new online communication tools and put them to use during the 60-day legislative session. I will be providing live coverage of the upcoming legislative session by micro-blogging about it using the social networking site Twitter. By utilizing one of the most recent tools in new media communication, more Floridians will be able to follow closely the state's legislative session and the major policy issues discussed in Tallahassee.
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100 Service Days

Feb 3, 2009

By Dan Gelber

A centerpiece of my campaign will be to participate in 100 community service projects across our state. I did not choose this idea because the "walk" of Lawton Chiles and the "work days" of Bob Graham had been taken. I chose it because it fits me. I have always made volunteerism an everyday part of my life and the life of my family. I have been in the Big Brothers program since I was in college (including 20 years with my current little brother) and been a summer counselor at a cancer camp I helped create in 1985. I've built houses for Habitat, and cleaned beaches.

In each moment of service, I have found that volunteering brings you closer to your community and ultimately enriches you more than you ever expect, and in this time of economic struggle, it is quite clear that our our nation and state will not meet today's challenges as a collection of individuals.

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Call a Special Session.

Nov 21, 2008

By Dan

This new bad news makes the case for why the Florida Legislature needs to meet in Special Session. In rough waters, we can't expect government to run on auto—pilot.
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Birth of an uber-bureau

Nov 20, 2008

By Dan

Today when I opened up my Miami Herald the front page included an important story about Governor Crist's plan to increase college tuition to aid our ailing universities. The story itself was significant, as was the fact that the byline came from two St Petersburg Times reporters. Today, I guess, marks the beginning of the consolidation of the Tallahassee bureaus of these two newspapers. Undoubtedly, the move was an attempt to avoid further reporter layoffs that have already decimated the ranks of journalists in Tallahassee, in Florida and nationally.
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Longer Lines...Shorter hours... Here's who to blame.

Oct 23, 2008

By Dan

If you are upset about long lines in early voting, thank your Republican legislature who in 2005 purposefully made early voting more difficult. The bill - which passed on a party line vote - limited early voting during weekdays to no more than eight hours per day, and to a total of eight hours for the entire weekend. Their reason for making it harder to vote early: purely political as more Democrats tend to vote early.
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Tell me your school budget cut story!

Oct 10, 2008

By Dan

Last week my web site opened up a portal to receive and post stories about how school budget cuts are impacting public education in Florida. The promise by Republican elected officials to "hold education harmless" has become a cruel joke (sort of like "I'm from the government and I'm here to help.").
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A Terrrible Choice

Aug 30, 2008

By Dan

I don't get it. The singular qualification for Vice—President is preparedness to be President. So are you telling me that the most qualified Republican in America to nominate for that post was the former part—time mayor of an Alaskan town (pop: 6715) who has been Governor of a state (pop: less than the City of Jacksonville) for 18 months. Are we to believe that Senator McCain honestly believes that Governor Palin is ready - on day one - to be President should something incapacitate him?
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I got a "D"

Aug 27, 2008

By Dan

Former Governor Bush's education foundation handed out grades today. As reported by AP, Republicans got mostly "A's" and Democrats mostly "D's" and "F's". Utterly silly. The grading system fully marginalizes whatever credible work his foundation is doing as it betrays the group as nothing more than a voucher group.
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Forecast: Darker skies ahead.

Aug 13, 2008

By Dan

This Friday, Florida's Revenue Estimating Conference will convene to present their official budget forecast for the upcoming year and beyond. Prior to Friday they believed Florida's declining revenue might show a slight uptick. Prepare yourselves for more bad news as conditions have only worsened and their forecast is likely to reflect darker skies.
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A callout to my Netroots friends (thanks).

Jun 14, 2008

By Dan

To my Netroots friends, I'm honored to have been nominated for some of the awards but am returning from a family vacation in Vermont and will not make it in time to attend the ceremony. Please know that I appreciate your recognition and your kind words. I also wanted to thank you for your efforts of past and, more importantly, in the future.
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Observations from the O-Train

May 23, 2008

By Dan

I met up with the O—Train in Tampa on Wednesday where with little advance planning Senator Obama filled up the Forum in Tampa - easily 15,000 strong. The crowd seemed to be a cross section of everyday people. Young and old, every nationality and occupation. If anyone is wondering whether Obama has broad based appeal, just look to see who is showing up at his rallies. Having worked on previous statewide campaigns (including Presidential and Gubernatorial) when it is sometimes a struggle to get hundreds of people to show up - it is obvious that his message of change is both wide and deep.

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A Nigerian businessman wants to make you $$, Obama's Israel "problem," and other Viruses

May 19, 2008

By Dan

My first impulse was to simply dismiss without dignifying with response the viral emails circulating about Senator Obama. I couldn't believe that people might actually embrace whatever trash comes in their inbox as if it were the truth. Then again, I guess there is a reason that Nigerian businessman keeps sending me email requests to send him my personal bank account information so that he can send me millions of dollars.
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I Choose Obama.

May 7, 2008

By Dan

Since the beginning of this primary slog I have been conflicted. I like both Obama and Clinton and believe either would be markedly better than the alternative. But only one can be the Democratic nominee and we have to end this sooner than later. As a superdelegate from the rogue state of Florida (currently under penalty from the DNC) my vote doesn't count. But if it did, I would say it's time to move on and choose Senator Barack Obama. Here is why.
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The divide between church and state takes a hit

Mar 26, 2008

By Dan Gelber

Today, Florida's Taxation and Budget Reform Commission on a divided vote agreed to put on the November 2008 ballot a measure that would significantly diminish the separation between church and state that Floridians have enjoyed for over a century, and pave the way for expansion of school voucher programs.
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State of the State Response

Mar 6, 2008


Tuesday night I delivered the Response to the Governor's State of the State. The Governor is an optimistic person who tends to shy away from partisanship — but Florida's challenges are great — and I'm not sure I trust the Republican Legislature as much as he does.

Here is my response to the Governor:

Good Evening, I'm
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Revote Redux

Feb 20, 2008

By Dan

Lots of opinions sent to me on the Florida revote idea. Some via posts, others by phone and mail and even a few yolks hurled at my doorstep. Some were actually polite. Let me try to answer your concerns by category.

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One Way Out for Florida Democrats

Feb 15, 2008

By Dan Gelber

As the primary slog continues, however, Florida Democrats find themselves wondering whether that all too familiar combination of self—destructiveness and bad luck will once again snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Since the DNC will only count our delegates if we select them through a DNC approved process, perhaps we should consider a primary election by mail that includes Independent voters.

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Special Message from Dan Gelber's "Little Brother"- Travis Thomas

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Sen. Gelber debates against two amendments to HB 1143 that took aim at a woman's right to privacy

Final Video Message from Tallahassee: 2010 Legislative Session was guided by ideological frolics and a politically driven agenda

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