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Update: It's time to come clean

Feb 11, 2010

By Dan

It has been reported in the news and, indeed, alleged by some Republicans, that in the wake of the gift ban, the Republican Party of Florida issued widespread credit cards to elected officials to allow them to charge travel, food and expenses to the party. This is troubling on many levels and I believe that the allegation is worthy of investigation and, at the very least, full disclosure to the public. If the distribution of credit cards was intended to avoid the gift ban, then the public has a right to know.

Fighting Public Corruption

Nov 4, 2009

By Dan

I spent the better part of a decade fighting corruption in Florida as a federal prosecutor, so I have seen this malignancy up close. There will always be those that find a way to skirt the law or engage in sleezy behavior, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't adopt measures intended to bring greater accountability and oversight to the operations of government.
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Follow Legislative Session Through My New Twitter Page

Feb 23, 2009

By Dan

I have decided to embrace the new online communication tools and put them to use during the 60-day legislative session. I will be providing live coverage of the upcoming legislative session by micro-blogging about it using the social networking site Twitter. By utilizing one of the most recent tools in new media communication, more Floridians will be able to follow closely the state's legislative session and the major policy issues discussed in Tallahassee.
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Government only work's right when it works in the open

Jun 6, 2008

By Dan

There is a karmic justice to me that Florida would have the nation's finest public records laws. We need them the most. There are far too many backroom deals, shadowy arrangements and dotted lines in our state. As a federal public corruption prosecutor in South Florida I learned - but only through the power of subpoena and compelled process — just how corrupt some officials can be when able to evade the watchful eye of the press and the public. But the sad truth is, most conduct that betrays the public interest is not illegal. It ranges from the troubling to the downright slimy. Through gaping loopholes in campaign financing laws and other ethical low—water marks, conduct that might otherwise be shocking has become commonplace and pedestrian.

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Special Message from Dan Gelber's "Little Brother"- Travis Thomas

Web Video: Bio Piece on Dan Gelber

Sen. Gelber debates against two amendments to HB 1143 that took aim at a woman's right to privacy

Final Video Message from Tallahassee: 2010 Legislative Session was guided by ideological frolics and a politically driven agenda

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