FCAT chaos and why heads ought to roll

Here are my thoughts on Pearson’s failure to deliver the state FCAT grades on time (note: I absolutely hate the way the FCAT is overemphasized – but if you pay a company $250 million and they fail to do the only thing they are paid to do, heads ought to roll!):

Pearson’s failure and the resulting mess are what happens when you substitute testing for teaching, and make testing companies the high priests of public education. Commissioner Smith should conduct a full investigation with a view toward firing the company. The Board of Education should also investigate the Department which obviously failed to hire a company with the core competencies necessary, or manage and oversee the contract adequately. As thousands of teachers are being laid off, we are spending $250 million on a contract that is causing chaos in our public schools. So to Pearson and the Department of Education, a pox on both your houses. Our children deserve so much better!