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It's neither pay nor play.

Aug 27, 2016

By Dan

Also lost in this debate is the fact that the Clintons don't receive a penny in salary. Not one red cent. In fact, they donate their own money to the Foundation. Someone needs to explain to Secretary Clinton that if she's trying to exploit the foundation for personal gain, she's going about it exactly the wrong way.

The Naked Fool

Jul 20, 2016

By Dan

The GOP Convention has become a modern day version of the famous Hans Christian Andersen story The Emperor's New Clothes. Speaker after Speaker stands up and explains why Emperor Trump is going to make America great again. Why he is the best thing the Republican Party could offer America. The vain Trump happily listens beaming with the self-adulation that is his trademark.

July 4. America the Beautiful.

Jul 4, 2016

By Dan

The America Bates celebrates, is a nation that resists its lesser instincts and seeks higher ground. An America that leans toward virtue because no matter how we celebrate affluence, power and celebrity, we should revere character. It is not the strength of our military that makes us great, but that we seek to deploy it righteously. Our wealth isn't extraordinary, but our charity is. And our intellect isn't unique, but that we use it to improve the human condition that is so distinguishing.

Intolerant of gay rights and tolerant of gun violence

Jun 14, 2016

By Dan

And I don't believe any death becomes less painful by making it a teachable moment. But I do believe in action. If you want to do something, ask those running for office where they stand and what they believe, but more importantly what they will do.

Scott and Bondi need to recant their endorsements of Trump

Mar 31, 2016

By Dan

And it is no defense to claim an endorsement of Trump is not a validation of everything he says or does. This is no longer about policy positions or a single aberrant act. It is about who Trump is - a sexist and a bigot who is categorically unqualified to be President.

Why Hillary.

Mar 14, 2016

By Dan

While the Presidency is a bully pulpit, it is not only a bully pulpit. It is so much more. While I believe both candidates share similar goals, I am casting my vote with Hillary Clinton because more than her opponent, she can advance them.

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