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Rubio & Bush Hometown Loves Obamacare

Apr 14, 2015

By Dan

Interestingly, both men had jobs before they were seeking this one. When Jeb was Governor of Florida (and Marco the Speaker of the Florida House) they addressed health care and had opportunities to promote their solutions.

Please, let's leave this spotlight to Indiana!

Apr 3, 2015

By Dan

It's almost like the Florida House became jealous that Indiana was getting too much national attention for its intolerance.

Bailey-Gate takes an ominous turn (updated)

Jan 20, 2015

By Dan

That's not just bad optics. It's a federal crime to conspire to falsely deprive someone of their liberty under color of law (Title 18 USC 241). It's also a state crime to make false statements in criminal investigations, misuse an official position and act falsely under color of authority (F.S. Chapters 837, 838, 843).

The Florida Cabinet Needs to Reconsider Bailey Firing

Jan 15, 2015

By Dan

Think about what will happen when one of Scott's staffers asks the next FDLE Commissioner or agent to do something inappropriate? Will they follow the law or will they not have enough guts to do the right thing at the expense of their job? For Bailey's replacement, the taint is too much as the public will understandably believe he got the job because he was loyal to the governor and his staff - rather than for his independence and fidelity to the law.

We fell short.

Nov 5, 2014

By Dan

But it's pretty clear Democrats in Florida are star-crossed. Politically, we are two states. We win regularly in presidential years and lose miserably in off-year elections. It's almost like a cruel game - win and then lose. Win and then lose.

Dad turns 95!

Sep 28, 2014

By Dan

I am proud of him because he was a devoted husband, a great dad, and sweet grandfather. In his public life, he always looked out for the little guy and was never afraid to pick a fight with a more powerful adversary over a principle in which he believed.

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