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He should have simply said "no comment."

Oct 30, 2016

By Dan

...when it comes to pending investigations federal prosecutors and agents almost always have only two good options: indict or be quiet. Talking publicly about a matter is not an option because doing so offends basic notions of fairness and due process. It creates incredible potential for misimpressions and gives the impacted parties no ability to meaningfully address allegations...

Invoking the old new world order.

Oct 15, 2016

By Dan

These are not phrases that are new or accidental. They are, in fact, very old and precise. They are nearly identical to the words and themes used to stoke nationalism in Germany prior to WW II, and they are used today very commonly on the alt-right web sites that provide a forum and echo chamber for the most hardened, anti-Semites and bigots in our nation.

Show me your papers

Sep 27, 2016

By Dan

It is a vile command intended to weed out the people who don't belong from those that do; to segregate those that cannot be trusted or are unwelcomed simply because of their skin color or ethnic origin. To remind people that they are inferior because of their religion or hue.

Just saying…

Sep 21, 2016

By Dan

But lost in the recent brouhaha is that in addition to all those issues, making or accepting a political contribution from a charitable organization is also a crime in Florida.

Campaign Cash Taints Bondi's Decision

Sep 7, 2016

By Dan

Bondi should have rejected the money, or returned it immediately upon learning that Trump was seeking an action - or in this case an inaction - from her Office. While an Attorney General attains an office through political means, it is paramount that it be administered free of any scent of politics.


It's neither pay nor play.

Aug 27, 2016

By Dan

Also lost in this debate is the fact that the Clintons don't receive a penny in salary. Not one red cent. In fact, they donate their own money to the Foundation. Someone needs to explain to Secretary Clinton that if she's trying to exploit the foundation for personal gain, she's going about it exactly the wrong way.

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