Please, let’s leave this spotlight to Indiana!

Updated: The Florida House passed a measure that would allow private adoption agencies to assert their “religious and moral” objections into their adoption decisions. The measure is unapologetically intended to allow private adoption agencies to discriminate against same sex married couples who seek to adopt. Supporters of the wrong-headed legislation argue private agency adoption decisions need to be protected.

It’s almost like the Florida House became jealous that Indiana was getting too much national attention for its intolerance.
First, the law of the land in Florida today is that gay couples can marry and that they can adopt. Allowing adoption agencies to decide same sex couples are unfit simply because they are gay, is contrary to Florida law.

But even more offensive is the notion — as promoted by those supporting the bill — that this measure is justified because somehow the government is interfering with private agencies’ decision making. Or that we shouldn’t discriminate against adoption agencies with religious views.

The problem with these justifications is that the children who are being adopted don’t “belong” to private adoption agencies. They are not chattel or property. They are children — minors — who didn’t choose who controls their adoption decisions.
So the state is obliged to make sure that these children we are responsible for are adopted by loving parents – not just parents that some agency believes comport with their intolerant views.

The Florida Senate will now consider the bill. Let’s hope they provide the lucid interval so lacking in Tallahassee. This type of
narrow-mindedness is not who we are. Please, let’s leave this spotlight to