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Invoking the old new world order.

Donald Trump recently declared, “the shackles are gone.” Most folks wondered what possibly could that mean given the version of Trump we have already seen. Well, after his recent speech in West Palm Beach we now know. Trump is no longer flirting with the neo-Nazi conspiracy wing of our nation. While months ago he played […]

Show me your papers

“I was able to get him to produce it, he should have produced it a long time before” If there is a single thing you heard from Donald Trump last night that disqualifies him in every way to be an American leader in this century, it is his utterly unapologetic belief that there was nothing […]

July 4. America the Beautiful.

America the Beautiful became my favorite song when Smokey Robinson included it in a stirring and soulful mash-up with the National Anthem at Fenway Park during Game 5 of the 1986 World Series. It was flat out inspiring. When the song was written in 1893 by Katharine Bates as she hiked Pikes Peak in Colorado, […]

Please, let’s leave this spotlight to Indiana!

Updated: The Florida House passed a measure that would allow private adoption agencies to assert their “religious and moral” objections into their adoption decisions. The measure is unapologetically intended to allow private adoption agencies to discriminate against same sex married couples who seek to adopt. Supporters of the wrong-headed legislation argue private agency adoption decisions […]

Dad turns 95!

We celebrated my Dad’s 95th birthday today. Friends and family gathered at our home to let Seymour know we love and appreciate him. His story is a great story. My Dad grew up in the Great Depression as a first generation American. Like many, he always had boarders in the small apartment he was raised […]

Bron, don’t go. But if you go, thanks!

I mean it. Not being sarcastic. Thanks for giving me and mine so many wonderful memories. Miami has had some sport successes over the last few decades. Shula’s Dolphins were amazing and for decades the Hurricanes have been something to be so proud of. The Marlins have a couple banners too. But you brought us […]

One million Floridians.

My friend Ryan is a great example of the Republican voter who is fiscally conservative but socially moderate. He is a smart, former federal prosecutor who loves the Wall Street Journal and believes the “market” has an inviolate wisdom that should be respected and even revered. But while he sometimes pokes fun at liberals, he […]

The Gelber-Gladstone Children’s Courthouse is Named

This month Miami-Dade formally named the new children’s courthouse after my father, Judge Seymour Gelber and his long-time fellow judge, Bill Gladstone. For a decade as a state legislator, I had regularly asked my Dad if he would like the honor of having something named after him. But he always declined, declaring, “you don’t serve […]

UPDATE: Travis Makes the Grade(s)…Happy Holidays

Last year at this time I updated you about the journey of my little brother, Travis Thomas. Travis had been abandoned at birth and was being raised by his great aunt when Big Brothers&Sisters matched us together 25 years ago. For his entire life, Travis lived in one of Miami’s more impoverished neighborhoods. Few kids […]

Richard Sharpstein

Famed Miami defense lawyer Richard Sharpstein died yesterday. It was a great loss to his family, the legal profession and our community. Like many, I felt like I was a friend of Richard’s because he made so, so many people feel that way. He was clever, brilliant, insightful and, always, an original. As a federal […]