Bron, don’t go. But if you go, thanks!

I mean it. Not being sarcastic. Thanks for giving me and mine so many wonderful memories. Miami has had some sport successes over the last few decades. Shula’s Dolphins were amazing and for decades the Hurricanes have been something to be so proud of. The Marlins have a couple banners too.

But you brought us something extra special. I will always cherish watching your games with my Dad who is 95 this year and was the player-coach of the Army Air Corp All-Guadalcanal team in WW II. And with my daughters and 10-year-old son, Max, who has your picture hanging over his bed.  And with my wife, who gets so anxious in the fourth quarter that she usually records the game and will only watch if I tell her “it will be fine.”

So thanks, but don’t go.

We loved the backstories with Wade and Bosh, hometown hero Haslem, the Birdman and even Super Mario who seems to be everybody’s kid brother. Bringing Jesus Shuttlesworth and Miller here was such a gift. Four championship runs in a row with two titles. The games were so exciting and your play so splendid. My children will all grow up with such vivid memories to pass on to their kids.

So thanks, but don’t go.

Thanks for reminding my son that passing is as important as shooting; and for showing my Dad that old school basketball is still alive. Thanks for allowing my wife the confidence to watch the end of your games (at least most of them) without getting incredibly nervous about the outcome.

But most of all, thanks for the way you comported yourself.  You’re a young man and crazy popularity can be intoxicating and often self-destructive in anyone. It tends to reveal your virtues or your flaws.

So thank you for being a good citizen in our community; for signing that extra autograph; for not cursing in front of our children; for being a good sport and teammate; for not returning a cheap shot when one is given. For remembering that class is not about jewelry or clothes, but about how you treat others.

For being the kind of example our City can be proud of forever.

Bron, it would be nice if you stay, but if you go…thanks!