Florida’s Mad Dash to Mediocrity

I’ll be pretty happy when FCAT week is over. My oldest is in an advanced math class, and for some time now the class stopped teaching its normal curriculum in order to reteach the FCAT math they learned a year or two ago. So they are preparing for the FCAT, even if it means neglecting […]

A shot of reality about high school performance

I just finished reading a second Department of Education press release in so many weeks touting how terrific Florida’s High Schools are performing. The press statements rely on graduation rate statistics (that only Florida is using), and a new “self-test” that is being given to high schools under recently enacted legislative guidelines. While I hate […]

FCAT chaos and why heads ought to roll

Here are my thoughts on Pearson’s failure to deliver the state FCAT grades on time (note: I absolutely hate the way the FCAT is overemphasized – but if you pay a company $250 million and they fail to do the only thing they are paid to do, heads ought to roll!): Pearson’s failure and the […]