RE Miami: “art will fill vacant spaces in miami beach”

Art and culture are key components of the Miami Beach DNA so it’s natural they would be part of our recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. The City, in collaboration with private property owners, is launching Miami Beach Open House, “a city-led investment in the revitalization of its commercial corridors with experiential artist residencies utilizing vacant […]

CNN : “Miami Beach mayor “very concerned” about potential spring break Covid-19 surge”

Miami Beach, Florida, Mayor Dan Gelber is bracing for a possible coronavirus spike if people who’ve been stuck in their homes for a year visit his city during spring break.  “We’re very concerned. You know, a lot of things are happening simultaneously. You have the variant down here, and we still are having sometimes dozens of deaths a day in our […]

WLRN: “Cracking Down On Spring Breakers, Flood Insurance Prices To Go Up, And Ali’s Final Fight”

Cracking Down On Spring Breakers March is normally a massive month for tourism in South Florida because of spring breakers. Those partiers and tourists have become an issue for politicians and law enforcement — while being a symbol for uninhibited partying for millions of young people. “Part of the problems is we’re in the middle […]